Data Providers

Whether you've published one transcription or thousands, Live Roots is designed to help researchers that want to see your work, find them quickly and easily. The time it takes to include your information in our system will be greatly reduced if you help us by following the procedures described on this page.

If you only have published one transcription, please visit the "Suggest a Resource" page for instructions on how to have the details listed on Live Roots. For publishers of multiple works, you may provide us with a one-time catalog file or an ongoing online feed. Also, if you would like the names listed in your transcription to be indexed, see the details for submitting the names below.

We will provide you with specific file names after you have contacted us regarding submitting files.

Catalog File

If your collection of transcriptions doesn't change that frequently, the easiest method for getting listed on Live Roots is to send us a formatted file, preferably in either Microsoft Excel or delimited text. The file should include the following columns: page title, page URL, year/date of material (no ranges), place of material, short description. If the material covers a date range, consider putting that information in the title (e.g. "The London Times (1800-1850)"). Please use the "Suggestion Box" feature to notify us when you have a file ready (include the URL to your home page) and we will contact you back with the email address to submit the file.

It is not necessary to remove any duplicate links from your file (i.e. links that may already be in our catalog). Our import routines will match up the links you provide us, and update the existing entries with the data you provide.

Online Feed

While you may submit your collection using the Catalog File description above, we would prefer to obtain frequently changing catalogs via an online feed. This allows us to stay current with your daily changes, which provides the most value to our visitors eager to discover newly transcribed data.

Our preference is to obtain online feeds via an XML response to an HTTP request to your server. Ideally, we would like to be able to pass a date in the HTTP request and only receive transcriptions added after that date. Please include the same information as in the Catalog File layout, and in addition, include any unique database identifier you may have in the collection and the date the information was released. Please use the "Suggestion Box" feature to send us the details of your online feed.

If you have not written the online feed and would like a suggested format, please contact us and we'll share the format being used by several of our providers.

Name Indexes

To help researchers locate transcribed information specific to the surnames they are searching for, Live Roots includes an index of names for a subset of the transcriptions in our system. If you are interested in having the names for your transcriptions included, either use the "Suggestion Box" feature to grant us permission to index your pages, or prepare a file including the names and send it along with your Catalog File.

The file for submitting the names should include the following columns: surname, given name, year/date (optional), location (optional). The surname field should NOT include any suffixes (e.g. "Jr."). Instead append these to the given name column (e.g. "James, Jr."). The given name column should not include any prefixes (e.g. "Mrs.") in front of the name. Instead append these names to the given name column (e.g. "Mary, Mrs."). If you have a prefix and a suffix for the same person, the order should be first name, suffix, prefix (e.g. "James, Jr., Mrs." instead of "Mrs. James, Jr.").

The date/year column is optional and should include information specific to the individual (not already listed on the transcription in your Catalog File or Online Feed). We suggest including the year if there is a date on the transcription for the individual. With the location, we suggest including the region if there is a location (e.g. "New York" instead of "Brooklyn, N.Y."). Again, both of these two columns are optional, but are of great assistance to researchers looking for very common names (e.g. "John Jones"). Remember, the goal is to provide enough information for the researchers on Live Roots to find your transcription and visit your site. We do not suggest giving us the optional information if that is all that your transcription provides.