Live Roots Catalog

We've created a unique genealogical database by combining databases from large commercial repositories (e.g.,, et. al.), publication listings from a variety of publishers, individual web pages and collection of offline resources. [ List of major collections included ]

Commercial repositories are often highlighted for the large data collections they have made available to genealogists, and yet their holdings digital images of include original records and transcribed information from thousands of publications. Their focus tends to be on searching by surnames, making it difficult to determine where a specific publication may have been digitized and indexed.

Long before the Internet was even conceived, genealogists and societies were compiling information and publishing it for the benefit of other researchers. While some of these publications have been incorporated into the commercial repositories, many still remain available only in print, and others (out of print) remain solely in libraries around the country.

Live Roots integrates together the individual listings from both commercial repositories and published works (online and offline), making it possible for you to search for a specific topic, place or name and locate the resources that would most benefit your research. The search engine will also attempt to correlate titles in such a way that you'll be able to see when a book title is available in multiple locations.

When our search is unable to find the information you're looking for, it will encourage you to visit a variety of other resources that may be of assistance.